About the Artist

Emily Hammersley-Ambroise is an illustrator, animator, and musician, and 2019 Sheridan College Bachelor of Illustration graduate, who previously interned at Space Heart Studio. Currently living in Toronto, she grew up in a small town in Muskoka, where she gained an appreciation for plants and animals, and an interest in art of all kinds. Emily wants to use her work to share her experiences with others, and promote kindness and understanding in one another. While there have been ups and downs in her life, as with all of our lives, ultimately she believes that there is always more beauty to be found in the world. No matter how dark times can get, there will always be joy again.

Contact/Social Media

Email: hello@emiham.ca

Twitter: @emilyhammersley

Instagram: @emiham_art

Photo by Dorothy Leung

Photo by Dorothy Leung